Tuesday, May 3, 2016

White House ducks questions on Larry Wilmore's use of N-word to greet Obama

White House ducks questions on Larry Wilmore's use of N-word to greet Obama

Press secretary Josh Earnest was challenged repeatedly by April Ryan, an African American journalist and author of The Presidency in Black and White, who suggested that many people in the room were "appalled" by the N-word being uttered to the president's face. Earnest said that Barack Obama appreciated "the spirit" of Wilmore's remark.

Small towns say no to meat packing plants with foreign labor

Half-ton pickup trucks crowd the curb outside the One Horse Saloon, a neon Coors Light sign in the window and rib-eye steaks on the menu, but otherwise Nickerson, Nebraska, is nearly silent on a spring evening, with only rumbling freight trains interrupting bird songs.

Cruz to young heckler: In my house, you'd be spanked

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said a young heckler who interrupted his rally should get a spanking.

The World Bank's Latest Move to Kill the U.S. Dollar

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New Stimulus Program Surrenders Your Savings to the Banks

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Indiana primary: What's at stake for the remaining presidential candidates
Today's Indiana primary will be one of the last chances for underdog candidates Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders to upset the frontrunners and try to force a contested convention in the Republican and Democratic races for president.

Examining Hillary's So-Called 'Experience'
Hillary Clinton's primary voters share a common mantra: she has "experience." They say she has experience as first lady, which includes fending off "bimbo eruptions" and tactically demeaning and intimidating women used and abused by Bill Clinton.

Seattle trial to impact deportation cases of thousands of alien youth
A federal judge has rejected the Obama administration's effort to dismiss a class-action lawsuit that could force the government to provide attorneys to thousands of children who face deportation in U.S. immigration courts.

Teacher 'sickout' closes nearly every school in Detroit
Nearly every school in Detroit closed on Monday after the teacher's union called on members to take a sick day because the district will not be able to pay teachers in the summer.

U.N. Watch: Cost of admission
For all the gushing over the United Nations' Paris climate change accord, precious little has been said about its massive cost to America or the framework's miniscule effect on global temperatures.

Local fracking bans struck down in Colorado
A Colorado Supreme Court ruling enforcing state jurisdiction over oil and natural gas activity has "enormous implications" for the economy, the governor said.

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Capitalism rejected by majority of adults under 30

Anti-capitalists, illegal aliens arrested in Seattle May Day riot

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