Saturday, May 28, 2016

News you can share: Senator Hatch's Supreme Court misfire, new climate change analysis, and more

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Diane, you're one of the best messengers we've got in this movement. Here's some recommended reading that's easy to share.

Ginsburg: Having only 8 justices hamstrings Supreme Court
Associated Press // Michael Virtanen

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said Thursday that having only eight high court justices isn't good, resulting in some 4-4 splits this year that denied litigants an opinion. That that means no precedents are set and essentially a Supreme Court review has been denied, Ginsburg told a gathering of court officials in upstate New York.

GOP Senator Says He Was Unmoved By Meeting With Merrick Garland Before Meeting Actually Happens
Huffington Post // Cristian Farias and Sam Stein

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said in an op-ed published early Thursday morning that a meeting with Merrick Garland hadn't persuaded him that Garland should be confirmed to the Supreme Court, despite the long history that the two men share. The meeting, however, had not actually taken place yet.

GOP Congressman: 'I've Never Thought' It Was A Good Idea To Block Obama's SCOTUS Pick
Huffington Post // Jennifer Bendery

Another Republican lawmaker is breaking from his party and urging the Senate to vote on President Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee. Rep. Daniel Donovan (R-N.Y.) said Monday that the the failure of GOP leaders to even give Merrick Garland a hearing, never mind a vote, is the kind of thing that makes Americans cynical about politics. "I've never thought that was a good idea," Donovan told reporters at an an event in Staten Island, New York.

A Drumbeat of Multiple Shootings, but America Isn't Listening
New York Times // Sharon Lafraniere, Daniela Porat, and Agustin Armendariz

In some cities, law enforcement officials say a growing share of shootings involve more than one victim, possibly driven by increased violence between street gangs. But data are scarce. Seeking deeper insight into the phenomenon, The New York Times identified and analyzed these 358 shootings with four or more casualties, drawing on two databases assembled from news reports and citizen contributors, and then verifying details with law enforcement agencies.

Our Most Iconic Places Are Under Dire Threat From Climate Change
Huffington Post // Nick Visser

Dozens of the Earth's most cherished World Heritage sites are under dire threat from climate change -- and some may be damaged beyond saving, warns a report UNESCO released Thursday. The agency, alongside the Union of Concerned Scientists and the United Nations Environment Program, analyzed 31 natural and cultural World Heritage sites in 29 countries on six continent. The areas range from America's celebrated Yellowstone National Park and Venice's iconic Lagoon to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador and the Ilulissat Icefjord in Denmark, all of which could be damaged by an onslaught of climate-related effects.

5 Reasons the New Methane Standards Matter
Huffington Post // Rosaly Byrd and Lauren DeMates

With the new methane standards announced by President Obama in the middle of May, the U.S. moves further towards regulating the largely unchecked natural gas industry. The standards will cut methane emissions from new and modified extraction sites from the oil and gas sector -- in particular from hydraulic fracturing or fracking sites that extract natural gas.

Survey: Obamacare Customers Satisfied With Coverage
Morning Consult // Mary Ellen McIntire

The percentage of Obamacare customers who say they are "very satisfied" with their health insurance coverage rose after the third open enrollment period, which ended in 2016, according to a survey released today by the Commonwealth Fund.

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