Wednesday, December 24, 2014

ATP Meeting 1/13, FEC Comments Needed, More

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Merry Christmas! 

We love saying that because IT DRIVES THE LEFT NUTS!





1/13 6:30 p.m.
Alexandria Tea Party meeting to plan how to use Michelle Obama's school lunch program as a way to reach young people with the Tea Party message. Location TBD.



FEC Threatens Free Speech - Submit Your Comments


The Federal Election Commission is considering sweeping regulations that would adversely affect free speech on the Internet. People who put up grassroots blogs, YouTube videos, social media, and blast emails are said to be in the FEC's sights and would have to report their expenditures if they engage in any advocacy of any candidate in any federal election.  


A hearing is set for Feb 11th at 999 E Street, N.W. which the public can attend. Audio from the hearing will be available on the Internet.


From Tea Party Patriots:


Liberal allies of Barack Obama on the Federal Election Commission (FEC) are attempting to regulate political speech on the Internet and restrict individual freedom, and we need your help to stop it! First, visit the Tea Party Patriots "Keep the Internet Free of the FEC" page. Then go, submit your comment and ask your friends to help us too. The comment period ends January 15, so act now well before the deadline so that we can start putting points on the board right away!



Teen CEO Challenge


From Frazier O'Leary (please contact him directly, if interested):



I'm following up on an email that I sent you last week in which I shared some information about a challenge and award that I'm sponsoring for young entrepreneurs in Fairfax. 
I was writing because I wanted to ask your help in making sure that Alexandria Tea Party parents/students are aware of the Teen CEO Business Acceleration challenge (and prizes).  The challenge starts officially on Jan 1st and goes to April 1st but I wanted to make sure that the young entrepreneurs got access to the supporting materials as soon as possible.

You (and they) can get more information (and a downloadable/printable flyer) at

Please feel free to shoot me an email with any questions (or suggestions!) you might have and thanks in advance for your help!

Frazier O'Leary
Teen CEO Club

Think Big. Start Small. Right Now.  And Mind Your Own Business, Kid   



New on ATP Web


ATP Member's Literary Endeavors Score Points for Tea Party


Fiction writer David Walls-Kaufman is using story-telling to reach people with our message.


Here is a short story about a temporary cease-fire in an imagined future American civil war -


His book 'Caesar Americus: One Party Rule' is available here -


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