Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Parents to take 'torture' of Michael Brown to UN

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Parents to take 'torture' of Michael Brown to UN

image The parents of Michael Brown are going to a United Nations meeting in Switzerland to speak against civil rights violations, racial profiling and police violence in the United States, according to a St. Louis University assistant law professor who is helping organize the trip.

Who lost the election Tuesday night? President Obama

image Media darling Wendy Davis was defeated Tuesday night in the race for Texas governor because she was too liberal for the Lone Star state, says a longtime Republican from that state.

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First, Kill the Filibuster

image The filibuster is dead for nominees and is living-dead for legislation; it exists, but under the precedent set by Harry Reid and Senate Democrats last year, it could be eliminated any time the majority wishes. Democrats are almost certain to do so next time they have control, so Republicans should go ahead and kill off the filibuster for good on day one.

Rand Paul to Hillary Clinton

image Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., used the Republican victory in the midterm elections to taunt Hillary Clinton with his eyes set on the 2016 Presidential elections.

Alaska Senate, gov. races await thousands of absentee votes

image The final tallies on Alaska's hard-fought Senate and governor's races won't be in for several weeks, as tens of thousands of absentee and provisional ballots are counted.

Walker Wins, Unions Lose...Again

image As Republicans make gains in the House and Senate, one of the potential Republican presidential contenders in 2016 has survived a challenge in Wisconsin.

GOP takes control of Senate in rebuke of Obama

image America awoke to a new political dynamic Wednesday with sharper dividing lines in an already divided government, forcing President Barack Obama to recalibrate his approach and giving Republican leaders in Congress new muscle to check him.

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