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RE: [Peninsula-Patriots] Encouragement & Appreciation

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Subject: [Peninsula-Patriots] Encouragement & Appreciation

Patriots:    There were many more accolades for Dave & Jamie but this one helps us remember why we do what we do!  Thanks Bill.   Dave Davis is Chairman of the Mathews Republican Committee and was one of the original  co-organizers of the Peninsula Patriots.  Dave wrote his email of appreciation at the end of last week and received a slew of emails in return for all the great work HE does!   I've included just his email and Bill's to encourage all of you to keep up the good work!   As Sue Sherrill is fond of saying:  Thanks Obama for bringing such wonderful patriots together for a common cause!   Would we have ever gotten to know there were such wonderful folks all around us had it not been for our mutual efforts to restore our great nation?  There have been many blessings in our fight for liberty.

Be encouraged patriots:

Dave and Jamie-
Your never ending efforts on behalf of us all are an inspiration and
reminder how much this nation has changed-we should not have to be
battling what I consider to be the forces of darkness to live our lives as
we see fit in a secure and comfortable environment,driven by our own work
ethic and love of country.
 I am an immigrant, and a proud one who became a wholehearted American, not
a part time American like some of our current immigrants. My Mother and
baby Sister and I came to America because my Dad was killed in 1941, and
my Mum had to work to provide for her family. She was a nurse but all
jobs in England were very affected by the socialist agenda of the Labor
government which came in to power after Winston Churchill was voted out,
socializing medicine and manufacturing, starting with the auto industry
and energy companies. Sound familiar?? We do not seem to learn from
 I remember staying up all night as my US Line ship-still in troopship
layout on the lower decks where the men and boys were-on a cold night in
February 1947 to get my first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty and to cry
out with the dozens of us gathered on the bow as she finally showed
through the fog. I will never forget all the voices, English, French,
Italian, Slavic,Polish,Greek, Russian and yes German displaced people,
all looking forward to the adventure of a new life in a strange country.
I was at least fortunate enough to speak the language already, although
even that was a learning process, as I had found out earlier on the
voyage when I relayed a message from my mother to a crew member as a
request to be "Knocked Up" at a particular time.
We went to McKeesport PA from New York because in those days there was no
welfare and someone, in this case my mothers brother, had to agree to look
after you and not allow you to become a burden on society. How things have
changed-my widowed Mother worked for forty years-proudly. As she said "I
cannot accept charity while I still am able to work".
Many people in this Nation do not have the faintest idea how well off they
are, how free from want and fear. How they would cringe, if this Nation
were subject to direct attack, as we were when I was a boy, when the bombs
were falling and later the V-I cruise missiles began to land in populated
areas.When I think today of the terrorist attack potential some of that
boyhood fear grips me.I think of it each time I fly and each time I go
over a bridge or through one of our tunnels.Why cant we say that what we
have is a war between civilizations, and get on with taking all measures
to sort it out, both domestically and internationally. I dont think the
founding fathers had harboring Islamic terrorists in mind when religious
freedom was being established in the Constitution!
We need a new Government, starting with the White House and all
Departments.We need a Congress that can stop quibbling and work together
through the Political Art of Compromise-but based on a real appreciation
of threats and how best to use the natural resources and industrial might
of our country.
We need more people like Dave and Jamie Davis to help inspire all of us to
greater efforts. God Bless you both and God Bless America.
Bill French
> Folks,
> I am often driven to pride in the people with whom Jamie and I toil to
> save
> our country.  I must express my appreciation for all the selfless effort
> coming from the members of our Republican Committee.  Most of us were
> Peninsula Patriots first and when I see the accomplishments of the
> committee
>  I see the influence of the Tea Party.  All of you contribute in any way
> you
> can. What a wonderful sight!!
> Sue Sherrill formed the Activism Committee, including both Patriots and
> Republicans, to boost the election effort.  What a job they have done!
> Over
> twenty fantastic Romney/Ryan signs are now placed in Mathews and
> Gloucester.
>  I sometimes wonder how Bob Sherrill manages to keep up with Sue..........
> he obviously eats his Wheaties.
> Just when I thought it could not get any better, I pick up this week's
> Gazette-Journal.  No less than 5 of our friends wrote letters to the
> editor.
>  The Patriots, Republicans and Property Rights Group (U.N. Agenda 21)
> 1. Jonnie Adams writes of Biblical values and elections.
> 2. Sharon Frye details the failure of our President.
> 3. Sue Long tells us the danger of the U. N.
> 4. Sue Sherrill (Wonder Woman) tells us what a real hero is.
> 5. Andy Maggard writes of the deadly, dangerous and extreme Muslims.
> Keep it up everyone.  WE ARE WINNING THE ARGUMENT!!
> From one really proud American,
> Dave
> P. S.  The Presidential Debate highlighted the difference between TRUTH
> AND BULL!  Truth wins every time.

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