Tuesday, October 30, 2012

[Peninsula-Patriots] Post election Tea Party

From the Tea Party Command Center comes this.

Let's face it, we've come a LONG way from our humble beginnings but do you feel the Tea Party has more to do after the election?  Mitt was not the candidate we wanted....many up for election are not Constitutional Conservatives, but we will vote for the Republican vs. the Socialist/Communists on November 6th.  If the Republicans win big on election day, they have us to thank.  They don't think so, but they do.  
I was speaking with someone today who suggested we assign people to monitor all the new incoming Republicans for adherence to the Constitution.  Should we do that?
Do we follow every bill coming up and all actions of Congress, POTUS and the Supreme Court for adherence to the Constitution?  
I think we will be even more important and necessary after the election.  We will have to hold Washington's feet to the fire.   The sleeping giant CAN NOT go back to sleep.  None of our goals will be met by electing Mitt Romney.  We still have Agenda 21 in play, we still have illegal immigration on the table, the UN is coming on our soil to 'monitor our elections', the budget isn't balance, we owe trillions and post election will not be a time to kick back and say, we did a good job.  No, we started a good thing that has to perpetuate through the remainder of our lives.  A brief break?  Can't happen, folks.  If Obama loses, what do you think he will try to 'executive order' during a lame duck session?
I think if you are involved now, you will be needed forever.
 Waving USA FLag
DeWitt Edwards 

If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.
Ronald Reagan 

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