Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Incompetent Obama gets a pass (again)

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May 30, 2012

(Today's Feature)
The Obama Pass on Foreign Affairs Incompetence

Can somebody explain to me why Obama is getting such a pass when it comes to foreign affairs?

Yes, I understand that folks are tired of war; that he is taking advantage of that by pulling troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan prematurely to the sound of applause, and that it will be long past his four-year term before those chickens come home to roost. I get it.

Short-term politics often works for the practitioner of it if he’s not the type who lies awake at night worrying about his country’s future.

But what about the rest of the world and how he’s dealt with it?

Why is it so often said:  “The economy is Obama’s re-election problem. Looks like foreign affairs might be an asset”? That’s only true if the bar for him by the media is so low that it’s actually underground.

Remember Obama and Hillary’s “reset button” with Russia. How’s that working out? Putin is (still) a KGB thug who kills or imprisons his enemies and who will be devoured by his own people if the price of oil goes low enough. His country’s natural resources are his only claim to legitimacy. Yet our Administration apparently can hardly wait for the next opportunity to lick the Russian boot.

When we were in the process of establishing a missile defense capability in the Czech Republic and Poland and the Russians objected, guess who blinked, much to the embarrassment of those two American allied nations that had committed to housing the missiles – as well as the numerous NATO member countries that had endorsed the missile-defense proposal – and who had trusted America and our strength? Guess they won’t be making that mistake again soon.

The other “reformer” whom our perceptive Secretary of State spotted early on has recently taken time from his reform activities in order to slaughter tens of thousands of men, women and children in Syria. This would be our pal Assad, who is now being propped up by Russia, which is using the United Nations to make sure that the U.S. stays in our hand-wringing mode and on the side lines.

We helped drop bombs on Libya to prevent innocent casualties (humanitarian reasons Obama said).  Many more innocents are dying Syria. Then again, the Russians didn’t tell us we couldn’t bomb Libya.

Of course Assad is not the only ruthless dictator being protected from us by Putin. After jerking two previous U.S. Administrations around, while they worked on their nuclear enrichment, missile, and warhead capabilities, the mullahs in Iran are now feeling the sanction pinch. They want to sit and talk. In other words, they have us right where they want us. Our negotiators eagerly run over there and, once again get the door slammed in their face. Having bought more time, the Iranians now want to sit down again. Where will these new “negotiations” take place? Russia! I’m not making this up.  This time, I hope we at least make Lucy bring the football.

So, whether it’s embarrassing our allies, turning our back on human rights, allowing a nuclear Iran or just appearing weak in general, this crew takes the cake.

“But wait,” you say. “Obama killed Osama, didn’t he?”  Yes, or more precisely he didn’t stop it once Osama had been located.  But even then, the Administration screwed up. During Obama’s national victory lap they released classified details of the operation that infuriated the professionals who were actually responsible for carrying out the operation.

Now apparently because of loose lips, a Pakistani doctor who helped us locate bin Laden has been identified, arrested and sentenced to 30 years for his troubles. This was done by the Pakistani government, our “ally.”

I’m just touching the surface here, folks. So once again I ask, why is Obama getting a pass for running the most incompetent foreign relations operation in history?

- Fred Thompson

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