Friday, February 16, 2024

Packing my bags . . .

I've been advised not to do this. Not to go. That it's too dangerous, and I'm risking my life.
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Dear Friend,

I've been advised not to do this. Not to go. That it's too dangerous, and I'm risking my life.

I'd argue that America is under assault and danger every single day from the invasion at our border by criminal illegal aliens and terrorists . so it's about time that a journalist went deep to investigate and put their safety at risk to bring the truth to light.

This week, I will be traveling to the Darién Gap in Panama. I could use your support before I depart. Please help fund the upcoming travel expenses for me and my producer, who will be accompanying me so that I can bring you a story about the depth and source of illegal immigration into our nation.

I've seen and felt the gut-wrenching damage of illegal aliens coming into our homeland. I recall when I was headed to court in California one year, and a supporter approached me outside the courthouse. An illegal alien had murdered her young son. In her hand was a t-shirt with her son's picture on it that she tearfully handed me. I proudly wore it into the courthouse for my hearing, as my hearing was about the charges filed against me by Gavin Newsom for protesting illegal immigration policies on the California Governor's lawn, which I was arrested for.

I spent a night in jail over that, and I'd do it 1,000 times over, because it woke people up and highlighted political hypocrisy.

Under the Biden Administration, America is experiencing "the worst border crisis in U.S. History" – and that's coming from our government.

And it's only going to get worse.

President Trump is on his way back to the Oval Office. His strict immigration policies will follow. Overseas, the clock is ticking for migrants to cross the border, and you can bet your bottom dollar that terrorist networks are stressing over the same deadline because they know that Donald Trump will close the border.

Over these next 9 months, these illegal alien invaders will be coming in hordes like we've never seen.

Worse, illegal immigration is being funded like never before by everyone from the Catholic Church to the United Nations . . . not to mention our own government.

So, let's show America the true face of these illegal border crossers and speak to them long before they get to our borders. Let's hear them laugh and joke about taking advantage of our policies. Let's hear about their horrendous acts in their own countries and why they have been driven out of their communities. Let's hear the raw truth. I am going to Panama to document and capture the raw truth, no matter how dangerous or ugly it may be.

Please help me get there by supporting my work today, and please stay tuned for more updates as I report from abroad.


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  1. " Please help me get there by supporting my work today, . . . " TRANSLATION: My fund raising has not been doing so well and I need the money for my plastic surgeon to do a little work.