Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Fwd: Donald, the Globalist Left has plans for you.

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                                                                                                            Subject: Donald, the Globalist Left has plans for you.

Right now, unseen by the public, the Left is busy training a cadre of determined activists to put their plan into place – locally, state-wide, and nationally.
They now call their agenda - THE GREAT RESET!
Do you know what it really is?
Do you know what it will do to your life?
Do you know how to fight to stop it?
I Do!
The plan, as I've warned since 1992 - since Agenda 21 was released to the world – is to reorganize human society. This Great Reset is not new – it's just a fresh coat of lipstick on an old pig designed to finally sneak in that agenda.    
Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and the Green New Deal – are all the same plan.
  • Eliminate national sovereignty and independence.
  • Destroy and replace the free enterprise economic system.
  • Eliminate private property. 
These are the three pillars of freedom and all are targeted under the globalist agenda. Getting rid of these three pillars will give them the power to govern without our consent, control energy use, land, water, and the food supply. Global corporations will stand as small local businesses are eliminated.
Take a good look what they have done to us with the Coronavirus.
Businesses destroyed. The economy wrecked. Freedom of choice eliminated. And lies, lies, and more lies, that have destroyed the greatest healthcare system in the world.  We have become a nation controlled by fear of an all-controlling, all powerful, corrupt big government.
That is what we must do to stop them.
I have created a comprehensive plan to help train local activists to organize, research, and create campaigns to elect our people – people with integrity - to those offices.
In addition, my plan also shows how to take legal action to make current officials accountable for their actions.
In the past few months, with the help of some of the nation's most talented activist experts, I have created one of the most comprehensive manuals ever prepared for our side. It teaches how to become a "Citizen Ninja" and how to turn your local community into a Freedom Pod – the first step in stopping the Globalists' take-over agenda.
The manual has intense background information to make sure local activists are fully informed as to whom the true enemy is and how they operate.
Along with the manual, I have been producing training webinars over the internet, featuring many experts sharing their knowledge. I'm producing more as I write this.
I'm excited because across the country some activists are already using the webinars as part of their programs for their local groups – essentially creating their own training programs. That's exactly what I had hoped for.
Fighting them on the local level is where we will be most effective. It's where we can best organize and then steadily build a freedom movement that can't be stopped.
I will not back down. I will not surrender to this tyranny. I intend to do everything possible to stop them. And – I fully believe we can win – if we are willing to do the hard work to organize and fight back. 
Now, all I have warned about is right there in front of us for all to see. And, as a result, many more are now ready to fight. My job is to help bring these new patriots into the fight. 
Obviously, I can't do this alone.
I know that I've told you that APC doesn't get the big bucks like so many of the so-called mainstream Conservative groups get from foundations and even government grants. The sorry truth is, as those groups get such funding, they have failed – while APC has scored victories. Think what I could do with such funding. Perhaps that will change as we continue to push forward.   
But, as of now, I must rely completely on you and your generosity. Because of you, I've been able to stay in this fight.

Donald, will you stand with me now so we can really start to surge forward? Now is the time to really make your most generous contributions count. Just know that I deeply appreciate all you've done already, but I've never needed you more. 
I fully believe APC is about to step out and influence national policy like never before, as we work to train an army of local activists ready to turn their own communities into Freedom Pods.  Together we can do that. Please help!  

Tom DeWeese
American Policy Center
About the American Policy Center
The American Policy Center is one of the original organizations to dedicate its mission to stopping the enforcement of Agenda 21 in order to preserve American property rights. APC President Tom DeWeese has traveled to nearly every state speaking out on the threat of UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development Policy. He has testified before local and state elected officials, while appearing on countless national and local radio and television programs. He has written three books on the subject including the best-selling book Sustainable: The WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals, ERASE, a fictionalized political thriller that is being considered as a movie project, and his first book titled Now Tell Me I was Wrong, which details a wide variety of related issues including property rights, radical environmentalism, public education and personal privacy issues. In addition, DeWeese has written hundreds of articles that have been published in national and local publications reaching millions of readers. The American Policy Center is supported by individual donations from approximately 100,000 citizens from across the nation providing small, personal donations. APC's website, www.americanpolicy.org features one of the most detailed archive of articles on the subject, and is visited by readers from almost every nation in the world.
APC has helped in winning several recent property rights battles including stopping three National Heritage Area land-grabs in Virginia, Colorado, and Louisiana. Local activists educated by APC were able to lead the fight in a small town in Alabama called Bayou-La Batre, where the city council voted 5–0 to stop an Agenda 21 inspired Eco-tourism scheme that would have destroyed property rights and local industry. A team of county commissioners, using APC materials, were elected in Carroll County, Maryland by opposing Agenda 21 policy. The National Republican Party used APC materials to prepare and include an anti-Agenda 21 plank in its platform. The State of Alabama used APC materials to become the first state in the nation to pass legislation to ban Agenda 21. APC is now working with both landlords' and cattleman's associations across the nation to stop the destruction of these vital industries that have become victims of sustainable policy. Activists in Denmark have produced several anti-Agenda 21 videos featuring APC materials, including distributing Tom DeWeese's book, Sustainable to Denmark's Prime Minister and to every mayor in Denmark. A senator in Australia has used APC materials to build opposition in that country. In Brazil, APC materials have been translated to Portuguese and widely distributed to help build a large opposition in that country. The American Policy Center is the only national organization that has made the stopping of Agenda 21 its prime mission. The battle is growing. 
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