Monday, October 12, 2020

Fwd: What is behind the protests ?

Subject: What is behind the protests ?

Many Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters have good intentions.  Of course black lives matter – all lives matter. But, they are unknowing pawns in the movement.  The stated goals of BLM include defunding the police, leaving them greatly disabled.   CHOP,  in Seattle with no police protection, has resulted in the loss of considerable property and businesses as well as many injuries and deaths.
Antifa  has  given excuses  for what they call "occasional violence." Since the death of George Floyd,  protests have resulted in millions of dollars in  property loss, thousands of  Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) being assaulted and  injured, and even the death of at  least  35 people including some LEOs. 
Until recently when it was taken down,  there was this from the CPUSA web site:  fully supporting BLM  and   "We need to be in solidarity with Antifa."    CPUSA is the Communist Party USA - the communists whose predecessors  killed about 100 million  people in order to impose their rule.
Our LEOs are disheartened and rightfully reluctant to put themselves at great  risk of injury or death.  Also, if they injure or kill someone in self defense they can face jail time.  Just recently, a Marine Vet  committed suicide after killing someone in self defense. 
You can help by  going to and email, call, and/or send a video message to your federal legislators by filling out the blue space on the right asking them to vote NO to HR 7120, S 3912, and S 3985 .  That makes it easy to do.   Or, you could write your own message. As is stated on that page, "These bills are all currently before Congress. All three of these bills are unconstitutional overreaches of the federal government attempting to govern and/or coerce the operation of local police departments and sheriff officers."
Nowhere in the Constitution is the federal government or Congress granted with the power to establish national standards for local police departments or to govern the conduct of local police officers. Such types of reforms should be left up to We the People to decide via our LOCAL elected city councilmen, aldermen, our county officials or the state governments. It is NOT the role or function of the federal government to oversee, harmonize standards, or control local city and state police departments and county sheriff's offices. Please support our local police and sheriffs and keep them independent from the federal government by opposing all three of these bills: H.R. 7120, S. 3912, and S. 3985."
Thank you for helping.
October 24th is United Nations (UN) Day, which we should celebrate by getting US out of the UN. 
Alger Hiss, an American communist spy, was instrumental in the formation of the UN and served as its first secretary-general.  The present secretary-general is Antonio Guterres of Portugal who has previously served as president of the Socialist International, formerly known as the Communist International.
True, in the Security Council we have a veto, but we very seldom use it. In the General Assembly we get one vote where there are 192 other member nations. In spite of the fact that most of them get foreign aid from us, almost all vote against our best interests. 
After WW ll, the war-weary United States voted to join the UN, having been sold on the belief that the UN would bring peace to the world. (Remember that to a communist peace means their total control with no opposition.)  We have been in wars continuously ever since the UN was founded, none of which have been declared a war by Congress as required by the Constitution.  With the exception of the victories in the Middle East under President Trump, none of the wars we have been in ended in a victory. The Vietnam War was fought under the command of SEATO, a UN agency.   We could have won that war.  We supplied the Viet Cong with military equipment by sending all manner of military needs to communist countries in Europe who forwarded them to the Viet Cong. 
In the Korean War we fought in the UN Army commanded by a communist. As a result, the UN controlled both sides of the war. All of our military plans and communications went to the UN, then to North Korea, so that the enemy knew all our military secrets and plans.  We could have won that war.
Obama signed the UN's Small Arms Treaty which, when implemented, would destroy our Second Amendment protection of our God-given right to keep and bear arms and give UN control over our law enforcement.
One of the main reasons our country has had a high degree of freedom is because our law enforcement has been at the local level.  If that power were given to the federal government, we would have a dictatorship with an all-powerful militia. The next step from there is the transfer of law enforcement power to the UN.  Indeed, the UN has already begun the process.  After the UN called on the United States to comply with "international standards" for law enforcement, it called together more than 100 American national police chiefs to a UN "Chiefs of Police Summit" (UN COPS).
That is the real goal of those working behind the scenes to organize and promote the rioting and civil mayhem we have been having.  When the situations become too much for local law enforcement officers (LEOs) to control (perceived or real) or local politicians refuse to allow LEOs to quell the violence, the hue and cry is to let the federal government take over.  From there, when the federal government is unable (or does not desire) to do the job and needs help, or the federal powers-that-be so desire, the UN is standing by ready to take over.   
Without America and our money, the UN would not exist. However, Obama gave $500 million of our money to the UN's "Green Climate Fund", contributing to the total of at least $9.2 billion that the US gave the UN in Obama's last year in office. What more does it take?  It is past time to Get US out of the UN.
HR204, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, would get the US out of the UN.  Call and email your representative (202-225-3121) and ask them to cosponsor HR204 and ask your senator to introduce and cosponsor a companion bill for HR204 in the Senate.  Even if you think that it would be a wase of time, the UN supporters need to know how much opposition there is to the UN which would affect their strategies.
Thank you for helping.

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