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The Fight for Your Liberty

The amount of propaganda and hysteria regarding the use of face masks continues to be intensified day by day. There are countless headlines across the nation of mandates being put into place by governments and business owners all in the name of public safety.

The propaganda has even gotten so bad that anti-mask wearers have now become the public enemy. According to an online article at TheNewAmerican.com, a councilwoman in Nashville suggested that people who refuse to mask up in public should be charged with murder. Simple, mundane weekly chores, like grocery shopping have now turned into a nightmare scenario of having to wear a mask in order to play the theatrical part that the overall community of do-gooders wants you to play.  

While we do care about the safety of others, what seems to get lost are the concepts of individual responsibility and the proper role of government. COVID-19 is not the only sickness out there that is killing those who have compromised immune systems. In our latest News Analysis video, JBS CEO Bill Hahn discusses the Judeo-Christian concept of responsibility towards one's self, one's family, and one's Creator suggesting that we are to be judged according to our own actions. Bill states, "A series of commandments is used to indicate the impossibility of keeping the law without a Savior."

Unfortunately, many are looking to the government as a savior during this "pandemic" but the government's role as such is not justified in any way, shape, or form. Without government limitations, the wants, needs, and rights of an individual do not matter. We know that our founders provided limitations to government based on their study of freedom throughout history because they understood that government as a force needed to be controlled. 

America's founders split the powers granted by the states to the federal government into three branches, ensuring checks and balances between the three branches of the federal government and between the federal government and the state governments. But since the founding, the federal government  and the state governments have assumed powers that were never granted to them by their respective constitutions. In particular during this COVID-19 pandemic, state governors are usurping the legislative powers in their states by issuing unconstitutional orders regarding social distancing and mask wearing, as well as (often discriminatory) regulations for the operations of businesses, churches, and schools, etc.

Whether or not you wear a mask is a decision that is to be made by YOU, or perhaps with your doctor. We need to be careful as we are witnessing a slippery slope of government power taking over the individual. While today it is only a mask to wear, tomorrow it could very well be a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, which we are already being conditioned to accept for the good of society. 

Americans need to be reminded of the limitations that government has, as well as their responsibility in ensuring government stays within its constitutional role.  We highly recommend sharing and distributing our classic video, Overview of America, which does a great job in defining both of these concepts. Also we urge you to check out our COVID-19 page at JBS.org to further see this governmental tyranny.
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