Sunday, July 19, 2020

Celebrating Years of Friendship: A note from Jim and Chris

Friendship multiplies the good in life
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Display images to show real-time content Jay Scansaroli – Jay has been a longtime friend, we all grew up together in Queens. Jay has always been a great sounding board for business projects, and he's been a powerful sounding board for Chris. We cherish his advice. Jay also joins us on the Board of Directors at Smile Farms.

Display images to show real-time content Len Elmore – Chris and I have known Len for most of our lives as we grew up near each other in South Queens. He has had an extraordinary career as a sportscaster, lawyer and former NBA player. We are lucky enough to have him as our longest standing Board Member. Just recently he did a virtual Town Hall for the Flowers community, attended by over 1,600 associates, where he spoke about life and race-related issues in a thoughtful and elegant way.

Display images to show real-time content Katherine Oliver – we've known Katherine for a long time. In 2002, Mayor Bloomberg appointed Katherine as the Commissioner of Entertainment for NYC. She is credited as revitalizing the city's entertainment sector. Katherine is currently a principal at Bloomberg Associates where she does consulting work with major Cities globally. Chris and I asked Katherine, also a 1-800- Flowers Board Member, if she would mentor female managers and professionals at 1-800-Flowers. She has helped so many young women in our company by sharing her advice, knowledge and experiences with them.

Display images to show real-time content Frank Marzano – Frank is a great friend of ours and through his very successful financial management firm, GM Advisory Group, manages both of our family finances. Frank is a generation younger, which we are thankful for, so his relationship can continue with our families for many years to come. Frank has been instrumental as a founding board member of Smile Farms (our charity devoted to helping people with developmental disabilities). He is a great family man who is enthusiastic about helping people.

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