Monday, August 28, 2017

CVTP --The Central Virginia Tea Party Press....... 8/28/17 ......... JUST SCAN THE TITLES FIRST ..... circulation 375+

CVTP --The Central Virginia Tea Party Press....... 8/28/17 ......... JUST SCAN THE TITLES FIRST ..... circulation 375+

       SHARE THIS EMAIL                   "The only thing politicians need more than votes is ....WATCHING."

                "what can be seen is temporary, but what cannot be seen is eternal"   2 Corinthians 4:18 

"Don't rewrite history"  Confederate statues etc are important educational tools that help educate our children about the Civil War.

United Nations' "Agenda 2030" - The UN's globalized pseudo-education must be imposed on every child on the planet

CNN's coverage of Trump is no longer 90% negative as CNN is in jeopardy of being dumped by its parent company after the ATT/Time Warner Merger.

"He is one of us"

As Dinesh D'Souza has pointed out, white nationalism is a left-wing creation. The KKK is the creation of the Democrat Party

He offered a $1,000 bet on sea levels to globalist billionaire Michael Bloomberg, a climate alarmist wants civilian disarmament.    

Our County, state and federal govts today are all too massive, intrusive and rob some taxpayers for the benefit of others.(eg entitlements)

Investigation revealed more than 200 former workers had been rehired despite excessive problems

Technologies now exist to turn pollutants(coal, coal ash, co2 etc) into synthetic natural gas for lower cost and abundant power.

There were more than 620,000 job openings in the nation for computer occupations

Seventy-six percent of Democrats, according to a Suffolk poll from last September, consider him a racist

The "radical ideals" promoted by Antifas are starting to be adopted by liberals. 

"We shall become as corrupt as Europe."

In public/government schools, there has been an explosion in "psychological profiling" and manipulation of children.

================LAST ISSUE========================= ===============

Trump to Congress: Figure out a way forward on health care, or all of you and your staffs go on ObamaCare.

USS Rafael Peralta Commissioned In Honor Of Fallen Marine

Coming: The UN wants a world where supercomputers programmed by totalitarian technocrats make virtually every important decision for you

When 1,816 votes disappeared in Hays County, Texas, officials essentially said, "Oh, well."

County to rezone a four-acre tract, without proffers, so developers can build a 250-unit apartment complex near Rt 60 & 288.

Universities, once again, want govt planners to control the mix of housing and jobs, rather than by  the free market of "supply & demand."

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Third Attempt by D.C. to Restrict Gun Ownership

How to become calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

Feds dole out $3M+ to fight 'microaggressions' in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields

LIDL Stores to Open in Chesterfield

Climate "Hero" China Building Hundreds of New Coal Plants

A stunning 55% of millennial parents between the ages of 28 and 34 had a child prior to marriage 

"Guidelines for Good Governance"

Millennials say they love socialism — but embarrassingly can't even define what it is

Trump Admin can & will work to dismantle key parts of ObamaCare but pledges they won't do anything to hurt Americans.

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"The US Government borrows $50,000 more every second ....... Uncle Sam is your Uncle, not yo' Daddy ."

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