Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Check out "U.S. May Withhold Funding for Leading U.N. Agencies With Questionable Leadership" on Tea Party Command Center

National Dire…
Check out the discussion 'U.S. May Withhold Funding for Leading U.N. Agencies With Questionable Leadership'
Since the UN is filled with Socialist, this should save taxpayers a ton of money!

Discussion posted by National Director, Dee:

Several United Nations agencies that are among the biggest recipients of U.S. taxpayer dollars have given leadership positions to U.S.-desi...

Discussion link:
U.S. May Withhold Funding for Leading U.N. Agencies With Questionable Leadership

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1 comment:

  1. While Navy SEALs were dying, Trump was tweeting, not even in the White House situation room.

    WASHINGTON ― As a team of elite U.S. commandos found themselves under unexpectedly heavy fire in a remote Yemeni village last month, eight time zones away, their commander in chief was not in the Situation Room.

    It’s unclear what he, personally, was doing. But his Twitter account was busy promoting an upcoming appearance on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

    “I will be interviewed by @TheBrodyFile on @CBNNews tonight at 11pm. Enjoy!” read a tweet from President Donald Trump’s personal account on Saturday, Jan. 28.

    Whether it was Trump himself or an aide who sent out that tweet at 5:50 p.m. ― about half an hour into a firefight that cost a Navy SEAL his life ― cannot be determined from the actual tweets, and the White House isn’t saying. Likewise, it’s not clear who deleted the tweet some 20 minutes later, or why the new president, just a week on the job, chose not to directly monitor the first high-risk military operation on his watch.