Monday, January 18, 2016

#WakeUp! Are we being 'Grubered' again?!!

Is there any doubt we are being 'Grubered' again? Last week Virginia's Democrat minority leader contributed another LIE facilitating possible global hijrah by saying "Eighty percent of the refugees coming in to this country are women and children" Just like President Obama implied when he asked why 'Republicans are afraid of widows and orphans?. Have you seen any of these women and children?  

In the US, no one has allowed any photographs of the Syrian refugees who have been spirited into the US secretly perhaps in the dark of night. Like the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement document, only select eyes have seen them and NO PHOTOGRAPHS have been allowed! With the refugees, only selected state officials even have knowledge of their existence. Governor Christie in New Jersey told Bill O'Reilly what measures he is taking to TRY to find out who has been brought in to his state. My past experiences tell me that were children involved, we would be seeing heart wrenching photographs like these then in refugee camps in the middle east:

In Canada where refugee children are being resettled, calls for volunteers brought thousands of people to help, people have voluntarily organized clothing, food & toy drives to help. Would Americans do less?  Are you being bombarded with appeals to assist these refugees? The US Committee for Refugees and Immigration mentions South American 'refugees', not Syrian refugees -  and they are promoting 'cultural and ethnic diversity' not aid or assistance. Perhaps I'm oblivious: I have seen no calls for helping resettle displaced children and/or their guardians.
  "Trust your gut" is the advice generally given in situations where you have nothing concrete upon which to base your actions. Something seems 'fishy'!  I hope you will continue to urge your Congressmen and state and local officials to block or hold off any assistance until there is more transparency in what's happening in terms of 'refugee' assistance.  In the meantime, I hope you will assist as much as you are able to private Christian charities like   Supposedly the US has contributed some $4 Billion dollars to Middle Eastern refugees - no doubt primarily through the United Nations - a VERY LEAKY SIEVE! I believe we would all be interested in helping innocent women and children escape the ravages of war - BUT God forgive us if we are blindly facilitating the destruction of our culture through hijrah

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 Thanks for your time and attention!

 Sue Sherrill, Middle Peninsula Tea Party

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