Friday, September 25, 2015

Shock: TSA expects people to use the name and gender on their ID

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Shock: TSA expects people to use the name and gender on their ID

image A transgender "woman" who says "she" was subject to a lengthy and humiliating search at Orlando airport has said TSA agents were "treating me like I was a real risk".

Rubio takes on Trump

image Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio jabbed billionaire businessman Donald Trump as "touchy and insecure" on Thursday, joining the chorus of Trump critics who have intensified pressure on the GOP front-runner in recent weeks.

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The World Bank Threatens to Kill the US Dollar

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Buffett: Financial WMDs to Take Down World Economy

'Bacha Bazi': Obama's Silence on Afghan Military's Child Rape

image American soldiers are being punished for blowing the whistle on the systematic rape and enslavement of young boys at the hands of brutal Afghan Muslim military officials.

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Pope Francis speaks at the United Nations

image Pope Francis declared Friday that there is a "right of the environment" and that mankind has no authority to abuse it, telling more than 100 world leaders and diplomats at the United Nations that urgent action is needed to halt the destruction of God's creation.

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Saudi prince arrested in alleged Beverly Hills sex crime

image A 28-year-old Saudi prince was released from jail after being accused of forcing a woman to perform a sex act.

Speaker Boehner to resign end of October

image In a stunning move, House Speaker John Boehner informed fellow Republicans on Friday that he would resign from Congress at the end of October, giving up his top leadership post and his seat in the House in the face of hardline conservative opposition.

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