Monday, May 11, 2015


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Robert --


My fellow American patriots, our effort to pass HJR 77 in the Texas legislature is being sabotaged by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and members that we have trusted throughout this process. 

The Convention of States Project is getting the ol' political 'Texas two-step'. Calendars Committee is purposefully not putting HJR 77 to the floor. Why? Well, we've been told that the Convention of States Project is "too new" and "hasn't been around enough" for legislators to give serious consideration to our bill the first time through the legislature.

Instead of action, our volunteers are getting excuses.
 So much for "voting in the right people." Thankfully, with elections in 2016, the 20,000 Texas supporters of the Convention of States Project -- along with hundreds of thousands of supporters throughout the country -- will have a lot of time to think about the ACTION or INACTION of legislators who were too busy to vote for the Constitutional remedy. The COS Project bill, HJR 77, calls for fiscal restraint, term limits for federal officials and limiting the size, scope and jurisdiction of the federal government.

On May 8, HJR 79, the BBA bill, passed on the House floor 100-40. We're being told there isn't support for HJR 77 (our bill). The delegate responsibility bill that COS Texas proposed, HB 1110 passed 134-11. So how in the world would HJR 77 – a much stronger bill, not pass the House? More excuses. . . .

Some House members supporting the Texas Convention of States Project informed our organization that confusion about HJR 77 and HJR 79 was created, in part, by misinformation about the differences between the two. More excuses. . . 

The Article V discussion was elevated during the 84th legislative session thanks to HJR 77, and the heroic efforts of almost 20,000 Texans signing more than 12,000 petitions, walking the halls and visiting legislators every week during the 84th session, making thousands of phone calls and sending hundreds of emails to legislators.  We showed up at House hearings with such overwhelming support that an overflow room had to be opened.  In fact, during the public testimony for HJR 77, the Texas Convention of States Project had 41 people testify while HJR 79 (BBA) had only 6.

The distinctions between HJR 77 and HJR 79 are significant, however.  The BBA bill, HJR 79, is a band-aid and will NOT help the states rein in the power of the federal government.
ONLY HJR 77 CAN STOP The EPA, over-regulation of the Energy Industry, protect Private Property, eliminate the IRS, balance the Budget, propose Term Limits for federal judges, allow states to Close their borders, kill Agenda 21 & Common Core, AND more

Republican leaders in the Texas legislature tell us they agree the federal government needs to be restrained.  But it appears they are not serious.  What's worse, it appears they believe that almost 20,000 Texans who are constituents, voters and contributors, are fools who can be tricked into believing otherwise.  Remember, state legislatures belong to the people—those we elect are just lucky to get to represent us.

We have 48 HOURS (Tuesday, May 12), to get HJR 77 scheduled by the Calendars Committee for a floor vote
.  Platitudes and complaints about federal abuses are not enough.  The Texas legislature must ACT this session if Texas wants to propose amendments and lead the fight against the federal government. 


Calendars Committee
Chair, Rep. Todd Hunter, (512)
The fact of the matter is that Rome is burning to the ground…and simply passing a Balanced Budget Amendment will not do anything to reset the balance of power between the federal government and the states. The COS Project resolution HJR 77 CAN truly save our country from the power drunken federal government. But it is going to take courage on the part of our legislators.

In liberty,

Tamara Colbert
State Director
Texas Convention of States Project

Convention of States Action · 100 Congress Ave, Suite 2000, Austin, TX 78701, United States
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