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Egyptian rockets, cyber-attacks now target Israel

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With Hamas rockets raining down on Israel’s population centers, cyber terrorists are now hacking the nation’s computers – worsening the escalation of violence and bringing Israel to the brink of war. Liberty Counsel Action is committed in their support of Israel and has written a letter that will be delivered to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressing unwavering support from American citizens. To be included in this important, emergency presentation, please click on the link below:


We’ve also included excerpts of LCA founder Matt Staver’s earlier alert to give you greater insight into this tenuous situation. Please read Matt’s comments and show your support for Israel by adding your name to this important letter of support.

--Grassroots Action   

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Robert Bruce,

Accompanied by the wail of air raid sirens, hundreds of Hamas-fired rockets continue to rain down on the land of Israel. At least two Israeli newspapers are also reporting that missiles have been fired from Egyptian territory, thankfully with no major damage.

As the week begins in a largely unsympathetic world, the violence is getting worse…

Now Israel is being targeted in a massive cyber-attack with over 44 million hacking attempts having taken place since Israel began its Gaza air strikes in retaliation for the prolonged rocket barrage from Palestinian lands.

As you know, the Hamas attacks escalated to their current intensity shortly after Barack Obama’s reelection.

The BBC is calling the intense hacking of Israel’s institutions the “Electronic Intifada,” referring to the Arab term for the subversive Palestinian warfare against Israel that began in late 1987.  Israel’s Chief Information Officer, Carmela Avner, said this on Sunday…

The war is taking place on three fronts.  The first is physical, the second is on the world social networks, and the third is cyber.

As recently as last month, U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta warned that cyberspace is the battlefield of the future.  The nation of Israel is now under intense attack from many untraceable sources throughout the world, although many of the hackers appear to be located in the Palestinian Authority (P.A.) territories and operating in a coordinated manner.  

++P.A., Hamas, Egypt, and others join forces to destroy Israel.

Now the P.A. is coordinating with Hamas, with the implicit support of Egypt and Iran, in its assault on Israel in an aggressive attempt to overwhelm the tiny nation’s defenses.

“Hamas doesn’t recognize our right to exist,” says Ron Prosor, the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations. “They are enemies of peace…we can’t continue this way.”

According to Prosor, Israel willingly gave away the Gaza strip on the promise of peace, and then watched as Hamas turned the strategic strip of land into an ammunitions dump – stockpiling weapons from Syria, Libya, and Iran.  Then they turned the territory into a launching pad with Israel as the target.

With Israel teetering on the very brink of all-out war, it is absolutely vital for President Obama to reiterate his support for our ally, Israel, and for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

For our part, we must stand with Israel regardless of what the Obama administration does!  Saying or doing nothing is a sign of weakness that will further embolden the radical Islamic terrorists.

The need for our President to publicly condemn these attacks is undeniable, but it is also crucial for Americans to draw near to our friends and allies in Israel.

I have many close friends in Israel, and am in constant contact with sources that are providing me with regular updates and first-hand accounts about the deteriorating situation.

These people want shalom (peace), but are determined to defend themselves against terrorists. They have that right, and we must support them …

That’s why Liberty Counsel has launched an important initiative to give American citizens an opportunity to personally show their support for Israel during this perilous time.

++We stand with Israel, and need thousands more to join us!

Robert Bruce, no one knows how the deteriorating situation in Israel will turn out, but we do know that it is important that we demonstrate our solidarity with them – that we extend our hands and offer to prayerfully share their overwhelming burden at this crucial time.

We have written an open letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressing our unwavering support as American citizens, and I would like for you to read this letter and then add your name.  If you have already done so, please pass this message along to as many of your like-minded friends as possible.

This crisis is fast escalating!  There is no time to waste!

In just a few days, over 21,000 of your fellow Americans who care about the people of Israel and the explosive events taking place in the Middle East have already signed this powerful statement of support. Please, go here to read our open letter and add your name:


Through this effort, I’m prayerful that we can quickly reach and rally tens of thousands of Americans who are “Standing with Israel” during this dangerous time.

I say quickly, because I want to deliver these letters and signatures to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as to the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, the United States Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and other key officials in a dramatic show of support by the American people before events get out of hand.

Robert Bruce, we cannot count on our own President to express full solidarity with the nation of Israel.  In fact, world public opinion is already turning against Israel as even nations like Great Britain and France are warning Israel not to mount a ground attack against their tormentors in Gaza.

++This new violence in the Middle East will have enormous consequences!

God fearing Americans like you and me know the deep spiritual importance of supporting the Jewish people of Israel.  That’s why, when the current situation began to intensify after Barack Obama was reelected, I knew we must do something remarkable for the leadership and the people of Israel.

We want them to feel the loving and prayerful support of America’s believers, regardless of what the Obama administration had to say about these new hostilities!  

Please go here now to read the letter and to add your name:


Don’t delay. I’ve already alerted my staff to have these letters and signatures ready for hand-delivery just after the Thanksgiving Holiday – or sooner if the situation in Israel takes a dramatic turn for the worse.

We cannot allow the Obama administration to undermine the American people’s relationship with Israel. Please, click here to read the open letter and add your name today:


After signing, please help me rally other Americans to “Stand with Israel” by forwarding this message to your friends and family members through email, Facebook, and other social media outlets.

God bless you and God bless the nation of Israel!

Mathew D. Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. I have instructed my staff that we must move quickly to hand-deliver these letters of support and solidarity to Benjamin Netanyahu, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and other key officials. But much depends on our Liberty Counsel team.

Add your name to our letter by clicking below, and then help rally additional tens of thousands of signers this week by forwarding this urgent update to 30-40 friends and family members:


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