Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tea Party Members


My dear friends,



 I have come to a point in my life were I need to evaluate my focus and direct my time and energy. I am going to work with the concerned citizens groups who fight back the encroachment of UN Agenda 21 and for property rights. York County with their Collaborative Comprehensive Planning and their tax hikes have proven that they need close scrutiny, and I will be there.


            Remember the Republican primary is June the 12th; and the elections are in November and everyone must do everything they can to turn this ship! As the midterm elections in 2010 showed YOU CAN DO THIS! You have worked hard to learn the skills and possess the drive to accomplish that task.


            You are in good hands with Carl Anderson, the newly elected Chair for the Republican Hampton City Committee, and Lynda Fairman, the newly elected Chair for Republican York County Committee, proven leaders in the Republican Committees; who ran proudly leading with their Tea party involvement. With these two and the two add ional co-planners you can accomplish much.



Gail will facilitate a transfer of the assets to a named representative as soon as possible. I will forward you a new contact email for Peninsula Tea Party as soon as I receive it. Anything that you send to the gmail account will come to me and I will send you my personal account information.



Please stay in touch and we will encourage and direct each other the best that we can.


With all my thanks for your support, and all my prayers in the future.

            Remember the future is in your hands…


Mary Leedom

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